Miss Naw Gui Lay

Naw Gyi Lay is a 19 years girl living in one of our HelpLive communities. We celebrate her beautiful story because she is not only part of the community that we support but she is now one of our sponsored teachers in the community. Her journey reflects our vision of not only providing needs to children, but also to invest in their future and raising local leaders like her.

The Bethany Centre Story

The Bethany Center:

Bethany Manna Centre is a home for 13 children from the northeaster part of India.

This home is our first partner where we are providing scholarships for all 13 children that are part of the center. They are between the ages of 7-13 years old. Partnering with Bethany Manna Centre is a huge opportunity for HelpLive and partners to impact the lives of all these children by providing children with a better education. This is the beginning of a journey of taking care of at risk children in India.

Akokla Story

Akokla is the first child we sponsored in India. Her father passed away when she was 14 years old and she was barely supported by her mother who is a farmer in the village. We were able to help her move to a better school in the city of Dimapur to finish her final year in high school.

We covered all her schooling and boarding expenses. She worked hard with immense commitment and graduated from high school scoring star marks in three subjects. At this time, she is in college and her dream is to one day become a doctor.

First Teacher Traning

HelpLive organized the first teachers training on October 2013.  A weekend where we spent time with 10 teachers from 4 different schools that reaches out to about 200 children.  The teachers we are helping are all volunteers, helping to educate children in impoverished communities who don't have access to formal education.  Our goal is to train and equip these volunteer teachers so that they can elevate the educational opportunities for these disadvantaged children to give them a better future.

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